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The Roast

Our Process…

Coffee, being an extremely fragile product, is subject to development or detriment at every point in its life. Our unique gas-fired roaster provides maximum control of heat and airflow during the roasting process. This is the most crucial of all steps in the life of superior coffee. We have gone to great lengths to master the roasting process in order to extract the richest nuances from our coffees. You will recognize this with every sip of every cup; appreciating the highest quality bean, roasted-on-demand for unsurpassed freshness.

What happens when you roast?

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Preparing and Enjoying

The Grinder

Blade-Type grinders are considered the most useless when it comes to coffee, as it virtually whacks the beans apart, making it almost impossible to achieve a uniform grind.  In drip brewing methods, the fine powders will create bitterness and the larger chunks are essentially wasted, creating a watered-down taste.  IF this is the method you have available to you, try grinding smaller amounts, shaking the grinder to expose all of the coffee beans to the blade.  For drip brewing, count to 7 or 8 seconds, and for espresso, try 15 (one… Mississippi…two, etc).

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Brewing Methods

Factors that Influence Which Method to Choose:

There are literally hundreds of substances in single coffee bean, many are water-soluble.  The goal of the brew is not only to extract these solubles, but get the most desirable (or 18 to 22 percent of these materials).  Although the most preferred amount of these materials to water is 1.3 to 1.6 percent.  The following are the major keys brewing factors to consider:

The grind of coffee:  The finer the grind, the more surface area is exposed to the water during the extraction.

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